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COREiculum Fitness Program


Designed to fit your favorite student's lifestyle, their hectic schedules, and poor excuses for diets. The program provides them with quick 30 minute routines and a Nutrition Guide “Cheat Sheet” that allows students to 'cheat' and still have the foods you love, without getting caught during beach season.

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COREiculum Fitness Program

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Program includes:
- 2 DVD set packed with 6 Courses which includes Plyometrics, Kickboxing and the Dean of all workouts: Boot Camp with Professor Stern and 3 Extra Credit Courses including Cardio Dance, Yoga and 10-Minute Body Pump
- Resistance band (no extra equipment is needed!)
- A "Nutrition Guide Cheat Sheet" teaching you ways to eat with tricks and tips to finally get those sexy abs you always wanted
- A fitness calendar

Fitness Package is proven to:
Tone Your Body
Sculpt Your Abs
Define Your CORE

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