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The Bunny-ful Tower


This Bunny-ful tower is loaded with nostalgic favorites that will make your student feel like a kid again. Loaded with jelly beans, fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls in a Tootsie Roll bank, Sweet Tarts, Skittles, Butterfingers, Laffy Taffy, Easter Ring Pops, Dum Dum lollipops, watermelon and strawberry Airheads fruit candy, Kit Kats, Animal Snacker cookies and Sour Punch Twists, he's sure to put a smile on their faces this Easter Sunday.

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The Bunny-ful Tower

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Nestle Sweet Tarts (3pc)
Nestle Laffy Taffy (3pc)
Easter Basil's Animal Snackers (1oz)
Kit Kat Miniatures (3pc)
Skittles Original Fun Size (1pc)
Nestle Butterfinger Mini (3pc)
Easter Ring Pops (4 pops)
Dum Dum Lollipops (4pc)
Air Heads Strawberry Flavor (1pc)
Air Heads Watermelon (1pc)
Jelly Beans (7oz)
Tootsie Fruit Flavored Rolls Reusable Bank (4oz)
Sour Punch Twists (6pc)

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